“While most contemporary female artists ignore or critique the male gaze, Schrager embraces and explores it through utilizing an open-minded approach to sexuality that fluidly includes its dynamics in her aesthetic investigations. Her visual work involves digitally and materially painting on images of herself, and her conceptual work involves creating and propagating images of herself online in tandem with various “persona” projects. Both practices seek to examine the possibilities of female action and representation in today’s society. She is a proponent of considering the artistic value and merit of selfies, as selfies provide the model full legal and economic control over her images (as elucidated in her recent curatorial statement for Body Anxiety) and owned self-explorations offer an empowering alternative to the traditional status of models under “man hands” (men selling women’s images as art).”




Design Taxonomy – 2014

“Rather than subjecting biology to design, the project imagines design subjected to biological rules. In this alternative vision for sustainable production, resource-intensive metals and plastics have been replaced by degradable biological materials that can be cheaply and efficiently replaced, whether wood or yet-to-be invented engineered biomaterials. Car companies no longer produce entire vehicles, but instead manufacture and distribute a durable chassis block onto which disposable, locally produced bio-shells are added. In this scenario, adaptation, mutation and evolutionary patterns would start to emerge. A single car diversifies down thirteen generations and across five climate zones to produce over one hundred different designs.”