Green Room & Wildness – 2012 Whitney Biennial

Wildness is a feature film shown in 2012 at the Whitney Biennial that documents the experience of the Artist Wu Tsang at the Los Angeles trans bar “Silver Platter”.

“Green Room” 2 channel video installation.

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Mary Flanagan

[corporate ladder] – 1999

“Corporate Ladder is a computer-driven installation which explores women and work through images of women in corporate settings. The user moves through a physical space toward either a projection or a monitor displaying images of women working in corporate environments. As the participant approaches the image, the image incrementally becomes blurred, and by the time the user is close to the piece, the image is eradicated, switching out to another series of work images. Thus, visitor/participants directly influence the images they see or cannot see by their proximity to the images of the women.
When they are close to the image, the images becomes untraceable and indefinable; the user is positioned in a kind of visual glass ceiling.” – Mary Flanagan


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[career moves] – 2000

Board Game controlled by a computer laptop.

“The communal aspect of playing the game is intended to be part of the work: because the game appears at first look to be a commercial-style game, players begin in the spot on the board accordingly marked. This commercial style is intended as a critique of the historical sequence to which the popular board game belongs: many games have traditionally supported social “norms,” including heterosexuality, consumerism, and especially non-liberatory positions for women. However, as players progress down the board, it becomes clear that it is they themselves who are determining the rules of the game, and the collective and individual goals become apparent. This not only turns the collective experience and memory of such “family” style activities around, but turns the game experience into a collaborative rewriting of such conventions by calling into question the very motivation behind such goals.” – Mary Flanagan


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Source: Artist’s website.